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Australian ATM deployers use White Label Networks products to migrate their SNA ATMs to GPRS from Telstra DDS. This saves them hundreds of dollars per site per month.
I am interested in migrating to IP because:
EFTPOS over IP networks - hardware software and services from White Label

Reduce your teleco costs by adding financial transactions to your Internet Connection

White Label Networks is Australian's expert supplier of hardware, advice and services for the delivery of EFTPOS and other financial transactions over IP networks. Our customers include ISPs, telecommunications carriers, systems integrators, retailers and financial institutions.

The mission of White Label Networks is to reduce the total telecommunications spend of businesses by assisting them to add financial transactions to their existing DSL or private IP network (including the Internet).

Many businesses are reducing their telco costs by using voice over IP (VOIP). The last frontier in telco cost savings is to migrate EFTPOS, ATM and other high-value transactions to IP.

Our other aim is to give businesses more flexibility where they site their transaction devices by providing the products and services to convert fixed line terminal equipment (pin pads, ATMs and kiosks), to wireless GPRS.

White Label Networks has over 16 years experience in the design, manufacture and management of EFTPOS gateways for both fixed wire (ADSL, ISDN, Frame Relay), and wireless (GPRS, GSM data) networks. Over the last 16 years we have developed strong relationships with hardware vendors and telecommunications service providers which means we can offer you a total system for the conversion of legacy protocol EFT transactions to IP.

We can also take credit and debit transactions from your IP network and deliver them to your bank over safe and secure communications channels.

These transactions can be sent to the bureau service over any wireline or wireless link including DSL, GPRS and even CDMA.

The White Label Networks bureau service allows ISPs, system integrators and retail chains to have their EFTPOS credit and debit transactions delivered to the banks. This gives IP network deployers a value-add to their standard network offering and can be used in conjunction with web access, e-mail, file transfers, web hosting and VOIP.


White Label Networks Products and Services:


  • PSTN dial to Ethernet IP gateways for EFTPOS devices, kiosks and Automatic Teller Machines
  • PSTN dial to GPRS gateways for EFTPOS devices, kiosks and Automatic Teller Machines
  • Leased line to Ethernet IP gateways for EFTPOS devices, kiosks and Automatic Teller Machines
  • Leased line to GPRS gateways for EFTPOS devices, kiosks and Automatic Teller Machines

 Bureau Service

White Label Networks' EFTPOS transaction delivery service takes transactions from your IP network and delivers them to your bank via our safe, secure and reliable X.25 network connections.

Billing is based on a monthly access fee plus cost per transaction model, just like your mobile phone service.

You can connect to our bureau service by both fixed wire and wireless IP services.  For added peace-of-mind we can offer SSL or IPSEC encryption between your IP network and our transaction aggregator. 


White Label Networks are the experts in financial transaction protocol conversion.  We can help with:

  • Negotation with DSL service providers and wireless carriers
  • Hardware integration to IP networks
  • System migration and rollout

To organise a demonstration of EFTPOS over IP in your office, or to find out about service and hardware reseller opportunities, please contact us via this form , or call (07) 3503 6886.

The demonstration will consist of live debit and credit card transactions over GPRS to a major bank. There will be a standard EFTPOS pinpad connected to a PSTN to IP converter. The transactions will be delivered to White Labels switching service over standard GPRS.
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